social problems
Social Issues

Resolution of social problems as the content of the technological process in social work

The technological task of social work is to identify the social problem and, with the help of the tools and means available to the social services, to timely adjust the actions of the social worker and the behavior of the social work object to provide him with social assistance. The nature of the social problem is the most important factor on which the determination of the contents, tools, forms and methods of social work with the client depends.

social problems

The social problem is a complex cognitive task, the solution of which leads to significant theoretical or practical results. To solve it, you need relevant information about the object of social impact, about the conditions, circumstances and other factors that affect his life, state and behavior.

Social problems can be global in nature, affecting the interests of a large part of humanity. So, demographic, ecological, technogenic, food, energy and other problems are now becoming global, and their resolution requires the participation of most of the states of our planet.

Social problems can concern the interests of individual or several social systems. For example, social crises that apply to individual countries, ethnic-ethnic communities, associations, blocs or groupings. 

Problems can extend to certain spheres of life of a group of people or personalities. These can be problems that cover the socio-economic, socio-political, spiritual or social sphere of people’s life.

Some people consider a social problem when they cannot have fun play for free online, for some it Is a lot more complicated: for social work, personal problems arising in the process of interaction between the individual and the social environment acquire special significance. Social factors are affected by all factors that activate (or block) the protection of the social interests of the individual, the realization of her needs.

social problems

One of the most important conditions for solving the social problem is its precise formulation. If the problem is correctly formulated, then, first, it allows you to search for missing information in the right direction; secondly, it ensures the selection of the optimal tools for social impact, and, consequently, the effectiveness of social work. One of the most important requirements for the formulation of a social problem is its validity. It must flow from real needs and assumptions. The lack of connection with real practical or theoretical needs makes the problem arbitrary, far-fetched.

Precisely formulated problem acts as the initial, initial link in the complex cognitive-analytical activity of social services and organizers of social work.

The practical need and importance of the social problem not only intensify the activity of specialists in social services, mobilize their intellectual, organizational and physical potential, but also give creative solutions to innovative solutions.

The solution to any problem is ultimately to resolve existing internal or external contradictions.

social contradiction

Social contradiction is the interaction of mutually exclusive sides or trends in the phenomena of social life, the interaction of opposites. It is primarily the result of the mismatch of the interests of people or social groups in their joint livelihoods. The manifestation of social contradictions depends on the specifics of the interaction of the opposing sides (tendencies), on the conditions, the situation in which it occurs, and on the degree of aggravation.

In the absence of neutralizing factors, social contradiction develops, reaching extreme degrees of aggravation.

In its development, the contradiction goes through several stages.

  1. The stage of identity. It is characterized by the possibility of a contradiction due to the presence of even insignificant differences.
  2. The stage of significant differences. It is characterized by the growth of insignificant differences in essential and their periodic manifestation.
  3. Stage of opposites. This stage is characterized by the polarization of antagonism in relations, the development of significant differences in the mutual opposites.
  4. The stage of conflict. At this stage, the relationship between the parties reaches an extreme degree of aggravation and reaches a degree of open confrontation.

social problems

It is clear that any person in the process of vital activity enters into marital and family relations, in relationships with parents, relatives, with children, friends and comrades, with a team and various associations, public organizations, and, finally, society as a whole. In the process of these relationships, due to objectively existing personal differences in the needs, interests, degree of their implementation, problems can arise. The personal problem is essentially a clash between the claims of a person and the degree of their satisfaction. Such a clash may be material or spiritual in nature, physiological or moral, social or psychological, industrial or domestic, and sometimes even a combination of them.

Experience shows that the recognition, formulation and resolution of personal problems constitute the content of the main function of a specialist in social work. Solving personal problems is not only difficult, but also delicate, directly affecting the issues of psychology, law, morality, skill and tact to penetrate into the world of personal life and influence it. Therefore, the creative use of technological techniques, the inadmissibility of working with people stamps and patterns, bureaucracy and callousness, the ability to make adjustments to the technological process is an important indicator of the professionalism of specialists in social work.


climate change
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Why You Should Care About Climate Change

 If you haven’t seen the ‘Age of Consequences’, I highly recommend it. This is an eye-opening documentary about the effects of climate change.

Doesn’t matter whether you think climate change is man-made or it is a natural, reoccurring event, it is only a question of time until it will affect you, if it hasn’t already.

It has begun

climate change

Climate change is real and has already killed millions of people as well as misplaces tens of millions more. Can you even imagine leaving the land your parents and grandparents have grown up at because there is not enough water for humans, kettle and crops.

But that creates a complete rainbow of new problems.

If you find yourself with no food and no water, what is there for you? You are either ready to cross the Mediterranean sea on a tiny rubber boat with 40 others or you take the offer that a local terrorist army is giving you. That’s why it has proved to be so hard to deal with ISIS.

It’s happening all over the world


Europeans tend to think that they are the dream destination refugees. Actually, the situation is much simpler. You take what you get. People are forced out of their homes all over the world from South American countries to African nations and Southeast Asia. What’s more frightening is that in some countries, like the case of 160 million Bangladeshi people, a sea level rise of a meter would sink around a third of the country.

Let me repeat that, one meter will force over 50 million people from a single country out of their homes. If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

The Way We Look at Refugee Crisis


A lot of hate surrounds this debate.

You don’t have to love it, too. Let’s leave whether we should or should not let millions of people enter our countries, love on the benefits or take our jobs to a debate.

. But this is a problem that requires compassion and understanding to solve. Firstly, helping them to survive is the most basic human step we should take. And then, we will find a way forward. There are many ways to help from playing games on this page to getting in touch with your local government. It’s important to act as soon as possible.


3 Reasons Why Trump is Good

I, like many of you, don’t enjoy seeing my country being decimated. But I don’t have much of a choice, do I? I can walk the streets with placards but we already saw that it does nothing to the way our government works.

So, I decided to do the only thing I can – stay positive.

Why Trump is a good thing for America

For a long time, maybe 15 years, maybe more depending on how you look at it, America has been declining. At this point, even political beliefs do not matter that much. The truth is clear, the Republicans have been bought by the big industries. You can not look at the climate year-to-year basis and not see it changing.

The Democrats, however, have become soft. Instead of standing up for what they believe, their issues are simply ridiculous. Remember Clinton banning the FeelsBadMan frog Jesus Christ.

It’s only a matter of time until our country implodes. And that’s where Trump comes in.

He is neither a good person, nor a good leader. Not to mention a bad businessmen. I highly doubt he even knows which poker’s variant is played the most in his casinos. How can he not go bankrupt?

What I mean is, if that’s the best that we can get right now, fine. What he will do, in my personal opinion, is hasten the process of implosion.

What happens next?

Going past anxiety and confusion that Trump as president brings to our country, it’s also curiosity that doesn’t leave me. For how long will Republicans will let themselves be treated this way? For how long are they willing to continue this joke go on?

That’s the problem, no one will admit when they are guilty.

Just look at how Paul Ryan has been treated by Donald Trump? Just to follow Trump, Ryan has to constantly flip flop between his stances. But that doesn’t matter neither to him, nor the party. Every day they go on as if nothing ever happened.

So, what happens next?

All I know is that it cannot continue forever. One day, likely in the next three years, there will come a point when enough will actually be enough. Hopefully, it won’t be in a form of a civil war. That’d be horrific.

Hopefully, the breaking point will come with a long-overdue rise of a third major political party. Something that can bring together the people of the UNITED States of America. Because we cannot go on like this. For 8 years under Obama, Congress has done almost nothing except halt the Obama plans. It’s not what the people want. The incredibly low 12%-15% Congressional approval rating is the best proof of that.

At this point, I’ll take anything what comes. I don’t even care anymore what. Both the left and the right has adopted harsh, destructive pitiful political stances and whatever comes next, I am sure we as a nation deserve it for not speaking out sooner.


Don’t get me wrong. I find what is happening to our country extremely disturbing but again, politicians at this point are too far from the people. Despite our approval, no background check legislation will be passed due to NRA lobbyists, coal industries profit as long as climate debate is open, etc.

That’s why the only thing left for us it to sit and wait. Educate yourself. Learn new skills. Important times are coming, I am sure.

war is one of the issues
Social Issues

What are the 3 biggest global challenges?

As a species, mankind has always faced challenges and right now we might face some of the biggest ones yet.

Environmental issues

Ever since man first discovered the planet was full of usable resources he has relentlessly plundered it for his own needs. Now that oil and gas are nearing the end of their supply – relatively speaking, but there is still enough left for a couple of hundred years – we need to look more towards sustainable methods of producing heat and power. We need to recycle more and litter less. Governments are mostly all doing their bit to help this, but the effort needs to be accelerated before it’s too late.


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The threat of nuclear war was last real in the 1980s, but recently thanks to Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump it has become an issue again. Nuclear war could well be the fastest way to destroy the planet and it’s not just about who drops a bomb on the other first; there’s the issue of fallout and radiation poisoning which will last for hundreds of years. Mankind could be wiped out at worst or severely depleted at best by this. Hopefully meaningful discussion by both parties will resolve any issues and quell the rest of the world’s fears about a nuclear war.

But it’s not all doom and gloom and the worst case scenarios presented above aren’t guaranteed to happen anytime soon. In the meantime there are plenty of ways to cheer yourself up, including playing online casino games. Click this link to start your journey into the world of online casinos, with large jackpot slot machines and thrilling table games such as blackjack and poker.


Political unity

The US has a president who is very protectionist and the UK is in the process of leaving the European Union. Both of these situations have created quite inward looking countries from two nations who were previously giants of world trade. This can have a knock on effect to stock markets and other economies. It has also created a division in both countries where there are endless debates between people on either side. There is a growing far-right and far-left element in both countries, both of which are at odds with each other and have violent tendencies. Leaders need to see the problems that have been created by their decisions before the dissent grows.

Community and society

What Is So Fascinating About Radio Podcast?

The Basics of Radio Podcast

Because each episode is built from just ONE concept you are going to be in a position to more easily understand why and the way that it works, and as soon as you’re able to apply it immediately in real life. Additionally, it is easy to produce your own show should you wish to achieve that. First your comedy radio show has to be uploaded to a central location for download, whether it’s your private site or an absolutely free file server there are lots of choices when it regards housing your podcast.

An interview with a political candidate for a podcast will offer useful data concerning the cities crime rate which will be handy to people who are thinking about a move there. Should you not desire to make podcasts such as these, then you’re going to be able to just record at the hours of darkness as soon as you come back to your hotel. The above mentioned podcasts are only a sampling of a number of the very best programs I really like to follow, but this is absolutely not a thorough collection of my podcast habits. Posting your comedy podcast on iTunes requires another tutorial that is found at Apple.com. Also who’s reading the blog you are likely to post on for greater reach having the most targeted industry. Blogging is getting to be a daily part of life for huge numbers of people.


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A Startling Fact about Radio Podcast Uncovered

When it is done properly it is sometimes a completely free way to create traffic. It’s a quick way to bring in visitors to your website. Today, online traffic means money and it’s the lifeblood for every single online business. There are several techniques to create traffic. There are several methods to drive visitors to your website. Generating traffic to a website is among the biggest challenges most marketers and companies face today.

The 5-Minute Rule for Radio Podcast

You can construct web pages with WordPress. Proceed to these sites and you will often find a link where it’s possible to register to be a guest. Submit your website to everything you are able to find. Some of us will tell you creating a site demands an FTP program. When you run a web site for business, you must choose how to keep it updated. In many instances, providing information regarding the item for free can help generate an interest in the item, and there are various approaches to begin doing just that, especially online. Make sure that you have good info and an expert site which makes people stay and return.


It is possible to find these for around $100, but there are a few web-based programs which you can use free. It isn’t difficult to prepare and feed the everyday programs straight to your PC. Apart from the standard programs used to create your own calendars there are different programs out there which give you style, simplicity of use, and more for the money. The control system, known as the dashboard, let’s you settle on a page in lieu of a blog as a home page. Take some time to look into the topics so that you can utilize each tool.

creative girl
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15 things that creatives do differently from others

We often have the impression that inspiration and ideas are born out of nowhere and disappear when we no longer need it. Creativity is not merely the analysis of the right and left part of the brain, but it is a number of cognitive processes, neural connections and emotions that stimulate our imagination and thus make us creative.

If there are few individuals (or perhaps even one) who have all these characteristics, they will have more developed skills than others. Perhaps life is not just like in SIMS, with a level of completion of every skill that we have to increase ourselves.

They dream

Dreaming is not simply wasting time unnecessarily. It is to let your spirit wander to facilitate the creative incubation process. And yes, we know by experience that our best ideas often come out of nowhere when we have our mind elsewhere.


The ☀️ has never been afraid ?? #riseandgrind #mondaymotivation #fitness #aggressivefitness

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They observe everything around them

The creator sees opportunities everywhere, which underlined acute environmental observation.

Any information can become a pretext for creative expression, as Henry James said “nothing is lost to a writer.”

Would stalkers be great creators, then?

They work when they want

Some prefer to work early in the morning, later in the evening. Vladimir Nabokov began writing when he got up at 6 o’clock in the morning. Frank Lloyd Wright used to wake up at 3 or 4 am and work for a few hours before falling asleep. Whatever the moment of the day, very creative individuals often find out what time their minds are in motion, the best they are aware of and try to adapt in a natural way.

They are alone

Being creative also means not to be afraid of loneliness. It is no coincidence that it is often said that artists are solitary people. The context of solitude is often assimilated to the stage in which we dream, but in reality it is very present and the voice with which it is dialogue is within itself.

They are looking for new experiences

Creative people love to exhibit new experiences, feelings, and new moods, just this openness is an important indicator of creativity. It may be intellectual research, sensations, chills, fantasies … shortly Darlin will arrange mega jumps in parachutes from the stratosphere for creators.


They are wrong

Perseverance is the condition for creative success. Before you get to a successful result, creativity goes through various stages that are a sequence of failures. Learning from these mistakes allows you to analyze and improve. So if you have not combined anything in 20 years, maybe it’s the case to abandon.

The right questions arise

Eternal curious, the creative observes, listens, but above all puts the right questions about a certain situation. She wants to know why things are that way and not in another.

They look at people

Marcel Proust spent much of his life watching people and picking up the most obvious notes in his books. Watching your airplane close by while using your smartphone may perhaps give you a brilliant idea that no one had thought so far.

They risk

Bankruptcy comes from being risked. Creativity is the action of producing something out of nothing and this needs to make public the bets we have made in our minds. It’s not a thing for shy. Lost time, a messy reputation, or bad money, come from a wrong creativity.

Every opportunity is good for expression

Nietzsche believed that life and the world should be seen as artworks. Creative people tend to see the world in this way and constantly look for opportunities to express themselves in everyday life. But the creator knows how to choose the right and compelling words, you do not need to talk so much and at random.


They realize their true passion

You will surely already wonder if you enjoy your work.

To motivate, many people say, “I’m good, I’ll be able to do something I do not care much about.”

This is not the case for creatives, because their motivation comes from an inner desire rather than a desire for external or rewarding gratitude. Have you already seen a creative trader?

They have their mind open

Dreaming is also a way to get out of your world of limited thoughts and explore that of others. Reflecting on a question as if it were surreal or unknown, or with the perspective of another person, can stimulate creative thinking.

They play games

Playing games is more important than you could imagine. No matter if it is pay by phone casinos or table games – by playing them you can relax and have some fun. It reduces stress and helps to stay successful.

They surround themselves with beauty

Creators often have good taste, so they naturally want to surround themselves with beauty, have a high sensitivity to artistic beauty.

Combine points

The very principle of creativity is to see the opportunities where there is, a priori, what we call vision. Creativity consists merely of unifying points that no one else had seen before.

Steve Jobs rightly said “Creativity is simply establishing connections between things.”

Personal Development

How to be environmentally friendly

Prior experience in the area is regarded as an asset. When a kid’s environment isn’t meeting his requirements or is causing stress, he might not be in a position to recognize those requirements or stresses let alone communicate them with words. A clean and wholesome environment ought to be your very first priority. Any connection to living, growing things makes a nurturing environment for kids.

Creating more nurturing spaces will appear different for each family based on what they must work with. Even smaller changes can produce a difference in our sons’ and daughters’ lives. Some can experience only moderate changes in these regions, but these changes might occur over a lengthier time period. However you package it and however you label it, an animal-based diet isn’t sustainable. The only goal of consuming a very good diet is, to regulate the blood glucose level and modify the routine of the dog. One needs to know the value of being nature friendly. A huge emphasis for non-producing businesses can be put on the managing of supplies.


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Friendly Environment

You want some place where you won’t get bored, but at precisely the same time, you don’t want to devote much on something too fancy. To put in a log burner in our house, you require a location where you may set this up with a chimney attached to it. You cannot find many cheap areas to retire to. An excellent place to begin is to appraise your lawn. It’s possible to even discover some places where it’s possible for you to use precisely the same coupons while shopping online. The location also needs to be given some critical consideration, as it’s one of the principal driving factors of your organization.

When in doubt, a very good choice is to choose a balanced solution, one with an equal proportion of all principal nutrients, such as 10-10-10. Plant choice is a critical part of the water-wise garden. An alternative is to start looking for salvaged or reclaimed wood. The other alternative is to buy hardwood labeled FSC certified. Let’s break down a number of the finest eco-friendly countertop possibilities which can be found on the market today, which range from ultra-luxurious to basic and budget-friendly.


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Solar power system

Some energy providers enable you to repay the installation of a solar power system via your electricity bills. Quite a few of our customers don’t expect to learn that La Lune Collection is among the absolute most eco-friendly furniture businesses in the world. Individuals who want to begin their own business have to consider a great deal of things. Consumers of their goods have the ability to enjoy a number of natural and green makeup products, without needing to be concerned about environmental effects. There’s a wide array of eco-friendly roofing goods, so compare your choices carefully. As a result, it’s important to take care when selecting such products and to bear in mind that green doesn’t necessarily mean biodegradable. Then you’re shopping offline, at times it might acquire hard to locate the right products which meet your green philosophy.

You may use different materials like recycled glass and bamboo. Overall, it is an exact economical material and deserves a severe appearance. It is among the very first materials to serve as a floor covering, is extremely durable and can last centuries.

Community and society

Globalism, Tribalism, and Your Kids

Over recent years, globalisation has had a huge effect on our lives and on the world as a whole. Advocating the concept of globalization, this is something that can help to create a world without borders in terms of culture and communication. The internet has played a big part in globalism and globalization over the years, enabling countries, people, and governments to work together far more easily and freely.

There are four main aspects to globalism, although many think of this simply in terms of world economy. However, globalism has a number of distinct areas that include economic, military, social, and environmental. While all of these will play a part in the future of your children, it is most likely the latter two that will have the most impact on a personal level.


How globalisation could affect the future

When it comes to the future, all areas of globalism will have an effect on your kids and on future generations to some degree. For instance, economic globalism will affect the economies of countries, which in turn will affect those living in that country. Environmental issues are already a major concern for countries around the world, so this is something that could have a huge impact on future generations. We have come a long way over recent years when it comes to environmental improvements but globalism could help to aid this further on a global basis, which is something that can affect the whole planet. Environmental globalism is a reference to the transportation of materials via the atmosphere or through channels such as the ocean. This includes biological substances that can impact upon the health of the population.

The social side of globalism is another one that will most likely have a major impact on future generations. Already, we have seen incredible changes in the way in which we communicate and socialize. We can now socialize with people in different countries who we have never even met thanks to the capabilities of the internet and resources such as social media at our fingertips. This in turn has an impact on areas such as culture. With the ability to socialize with people from around the world with ease, it is easier for people to learn about new cultures and ways of life. The cultural impact on future generations could therefore be very positive. With social globalism, the focus is on the movement and sharing of ideas and information, which is something that can really help to bring the world together, hence many describing globalism as a whole as creating a world without borders.

However, there is a lot to be taken into consideration in the bigger picture when it comes to globalism. Some believe that is strips away the importance of nations protecting their own values because it encourages a ‘one world’ view. It can lead to centralization of power, which could results in an easy route for certain groups to gain control on a global basis.

Social Issues

Civilization: Use It or Lose It

Over the years, many people including high level politicians have expressed concerns about the future of our civilization. With so many things that can put civilization in danger, we run the risk of losing it altogether. Reports have been released over the past couple of years highlighting the various global risks that could pose a threat to our civilization.

The factors that pose a threat to civilization include both existing and emerging risks. The Global Challenges Foundation has compiled a list of possible major risks to civilization, which we will look at more detail below.


Some of the risks that threaten civilization

There are number of key risks that pose a threat to civilization, some of which are existing risks. Others are emerging risks that have given experts cause for concern. Some of the key risks outlined include:

  • Global Warming: The impact of global warming could be huge, and it will have a particularly harsh effect in poorer places around the globe. It could cause mass deaths, famine, mass migration, and lead to areas of the world becoming uninhabitable.
  • Nuclear war: The risk of nuclear conflict continues to be a huge threat to civilization. Whether this is sparked accidentally or on purpose is of no consequence, as in both cases it could mean the end of civilization.
  • Large-scale spread of infectious disease: It may seem like the stuff of movies, but the possibility of a global pandemic is very real. This is where an infectious disease spreads across large populated regions or even across the world.
  • Collapse of the eco-system: Any dramatic and permanent change to the eco-system could pose a huge threat to civilization. We are part of this system, and if it were to collapse it could essentially lead to extinction.
  • Global economic or social collapse: Another serious threat to civilization is economic or social collapse on a global basis. This is something that could lead to a lawless society, chaos, and civil unrest.


  • Impact from an Asteroid: Expert state that large-scale asteroid collisions occur around every twenty million years. Ground impact from an asteroid on this level could destroy entire nations and put an end to civilization.
  • Major volcanic eruption: Also referred to as a ‘super volcano’, a major volcanic eruption could result in high levels of aerosols and dust being released into the upper atmosphere. This would then block out the rays of the sun, potentially creating the next ice age.
  • Artificial intelligence: The move towards the use of AI has become more prominent over recent years. However, this is also listed as a possible threat to civilization due to the risk of humans losing control over machines – similar to what we’ve seen in movies like Terminator. As technology continued to become more advances, this could become a worrying reality.


As you can see, there are many different things that can pose a threat to civilization, and it is scary to think about the impact that they could have.

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Personal Development is a “must”

Personal Development Help!

Who Else Wants to Learn About Personal Development?

The initial one is physical improvement. Physical development is extremely important, especially in our society at the moment. Personal growth can be accomplished through both, self-development and the evolution of others. Individual personal development contains these activities.

There’s no reason to earn life more challenging by feeling bad. Attempt to get hold of your higher self for a couple minutes daily and imagine the way that it might direct your existence. Identify the region of your life you want to change most. Should you want to have a really good fantastic work life, it’s important that you set particular boundaries on the job.

Like you’re walking your goal backwards. While setting new purposes, you should seem inward to comprehend what it is you genuinely want to accomplish. One ought to set meaningful, realistic and skilled development goals to earn progress towards a best everyday living.

Consider the kind of person you’re, and choose a program that plays to your strengths. If you’re very social, you might benefit most from a program that provides a support group. Personal development programs include both skilled counseling, support solutions, and support groups. Exercise programs usually have a diet program, but these generally revolve around burning calories instead of controlling how many calories are eaten. The correct weight reduction program is the one which can be followed, and that’s different for different individuals. As there are new weight-loss programs introduced on a daily basis, there’s absolutely no one-size-fits-all way to select the ideal method.

But What About Personal Development?

Whenever you have a lot wider perspective of earth, you have a tendency to find things differently. The very first focus of MLM personal development comes in the region of your abilities and abilities. It’s a very good idea to have a look at the seller’s feedback score and the specifics of their return policy also. If one plan doesn’t work, try something different. You’ll need to earn a distinct plan for each one of the things you want to accomplish in your own personal growth journey.

You may choose to pursue this objective again next week, or you could decide on a new objective. Second, it’s unclear about how this objective is an expert development aim. The aforementioned goal meet people” has lots of problems with it. You need to use an inspirational saying that is acceptable for every one of your personal objectives and read it frequently. It amazes me that all these individuals don’t set goals. Personal development goals play a major part in leadership and management also. If you’re uncertain what kind of private development goals it’s possible to set for yourself, here is the list which will help you decide.

The goal also must be attainable. For instance, in the event you decide your self improvement purpose is to drop some weight, such purpose is good because you’re the only force that impacts your weight. Some self development goals can appear overwhelming they are those which you know would have a while to achieve or there’s lots of work involved. Such self development goals may include different people or be only about you.