3 Reasons Why Trump is Good

I, like many of you, don’t enjoy seeing my country being decimated. But I don’t have much of a choice, do I? I can walk the streets with placards but we already saw that it does nothing to the way our government works.

So, I decided to do the only thing I can – stay positive.

Why Trump is a good thing for America

For a long time, maybe 15 years, maybe more depending on how you look at it, America has been declining. At this point, even political beliefs do not matter that much. The truth is clear, the Republicans have been bought by the big industries. You can not look at the climate year-to-year basis and not see it changing.

The Democrats, however, have become soft. Instead of standing up for what they believe, their issues are simply ridiculous. Remember Clinton banning the FeelsBadMan frog Jesus Christ.

It’s only a matter of time until our country implodes. And that’s where Trump comes in.

He is neither a good person, nor a good leader. Not to mention a bad businessmen. I highly doubt he even knows which poker’s variant is played the most in his casinos. How can he not go bankrupt?

What I mean is, if that’s the best that we can get right now, fine. What he will do, in my personal opinion, is hasten the process of implosion.

What happens next?

Going past anxiety and confusion that Trump as president brings to our country, it’s also curiosity that doesn’t leave me. For how long will Republicans will let themselves be treated this way? For how long are they willing to continue this joke go on?

That’s the problem, no one will admit when they are guilty.

Just look at how Paul Ryan has been treated by Donald Trump? Just to follow Trump, Ryan has to constantly flip flop between his stances. But that doesn’t matter neither to him, nor the party. Every day they go on as if nothing ever happened.

So, what happens next?

All I know is that it cannot continue forever. One day, likely in the next three years, there will come a point when enough will actually be enough. Hopefully, it won’t be in a form of a civil war. That’d be horrific.

Hopefully, the breaking point will come with a long-overdue rise of a third major political party. Something that can bring together the people of the UNITED States of America. Because we cannot go on like this. For 8 years under Obama, Congress has done almost nothing except halt the Obama plans. It’s not what the people want. The incredibly low 12%-15% Congressional approval rating is the best proof of that.

At this point, I’ll take anything what comes. I don’t even care anymore what. Both the left and the right has adopted harsh, destructive pitiful political stances and whatever comes next, I am sure we as a nation deserve it for not speaking out sooner.


Don’t get me wrong. I find what is happening to our country extremely disturbing but again, politicians at this point are too far from the people. Despite our approval, no background check legislation will be passed due to NRA lobbyists, coal industries profit as long as climate debate is open, etc.

That’s why the only thing left for us it to sit and wait. Educate yourself. Learn new skills. Important times are coming, I am sure.

Ivor Delano (Author)