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Why You Should Care About Climate Change

 If you haven’t seen the ‘Age of Consequences’, I highly recommend it. This is an eye-opening documentary about the effects of climate change.

Doesn’t matter whether you think climate change is man-made or it is a natural, reoccurring event, it is only a question of time until it will affect you, if it hasn’t already.

It has begun

climate change

Climate change is real and has already killed millions of people as well as misplaces tens of millions more. Can you even imagine leaving the land your parents and grandparents have grown up at because there is not enough water for humans, kettle and crops.

But that creates a complete rainbow of new problems.

If you find yourself with no food and no water, what is there for you? You are either ready to cross the Mediterranean sea on a tiny rubber boat with 40 others or you take the offer that a local terrorist army is giving you. That’s why it has proved to be so hard to deal with ISIS.

It’s happening all over the world


Europeans tend to think that they are the dream destination refugees. Actually, the situation is much simpler. You take what you get. People are forced out of their homes all over the world from South American countries to African nations and Southeast Asia. What’s more frightening is that in some countries, like the case of 160 million Bangladeshi people, a sea level rise of a meter would sink around a third of the country.

Let me repeat that, one meter will force over 50 million people from a single country out of their homes. If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

The Way We Look at Refugee Crisis


A lot of hate surrounds this debate.

You don’t have to love it, too. Let’s leave whether we should or should not let millions of people enter our countries, love on the benefits or take our jobs to a debate.

. But this is a problem that requires compassion and understanding to solve. Firstly, helping them to survive is the most basic human step we should take. And then, we will find a way forward. There are many ways to help from playing games on this page to getting in touch with your local government. It’s important to act as soon as possible.

Ivor Delano (Author)

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