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What are the 3 biggest global challenges?

As a species, mankind has always faced challenges and right now we might face some of the biggest ones yet.

Environmental issues

Ever since man first discovered the planet was full of usable resources he has relentlessly plundered it for his own needs. Now that oil and gas are nearing the end of their supply – relatively speaking, but there is still enough left for a couple of hundred years – we need to look more towards sustainable methods of producing heat and power. We need to recycle more and litter less. Governments are mostly all doing their bit to help this, but the effort needs to be accelerated before it’s too late.


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The threat of nuclear war was last real in the 1980s, but recently thanks to Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump it has become an issue again. Nuclear war could well be the fastest way to destroy the planet and it’s not just about who drops a bomb on the other first; there’s the issue of fallout and radiation poisoning which will last for hundreds of years. Mankind could be wiped out at worst or severely depleted at best by this. Hopefully meaningful discussion by both parties will resolve any issues and quell the rest of the world’s fears about a nuclear war.

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Political unity

The US has a president who is very protectionist and the UK is in the process of leaving the European Union. Both of these situations have created quite inward looking countries from two nations who were previously giants of world trade. This can have a knock on effect to stock markets and other economies. It has also created a division in both countries where there are endless debates between people on either side. There is a growing far-right and far-left element in both countries, both of which are at odds with each other and have violent tendencies. Leaders need to see the problems that have been created by their decisions before the dissent grows.

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