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Globalism, Tribalism, and Your Kids

Over recent years, globalisation has had a huge effect on our lives and on the world as a whole. Advocating the concept of globalization, this is something that can help to create a world without borders in terms of culture and communication. The internet has played a big part in globalism and globalization over the years, enabling countries, people, and governments to work together far more easily and freely.

There are four main aspects to globalism, although many think of this simply in terms of world economy. However, globalism has a number of distinct areas that include economic, military, social, and environmental. While all of these will play a part in the future of your children, it is most likely the latter two that will have the most impact on a personal level.


How globalisation could affect the future

When it comes to the future, all areas of globalism will have an effect on your kids and on future generations to some degree. For instance, economic globalism will affect the economies of countries, which in turn will affect those living in that country. Environmental issues are already a major concern for countries around the world, so this is something that could have a huge impact on future generations. We have come a long way over recent years when it comes to environmental improvements but globalism could help to aid this further on a global basis, which is something that can affect the whole planet. Environmental globalism is a reference to the transportation of materials via the atmosphere or through channels such as the ocean. This includes biological substances that can impact upon the health of the population.

The social side of globalism is another one that will most likely have a major impact on future generations. Already, we have seen incredible changes in the way in which we communicate and socialize. We can now socialize with people in different countries who we have never even met thanks to the capabilities of the internet and resources such as social media at our fingertips. This in turn has an impact on areas such as culture. With the ability to socialize with people from around the world with ease, it is easier for people to learn about new cultures and ways of life. The cultural impact on future generations could therefore be very positive. With social globalism, the focus is on the movement and sharing of ideas and information, which is something that can really help to bring the world together, hence many describing globalism as a whole as creating a world without borders.

However, there is a lot to be taken into consideration in the bigger picture when it comes to globalism. Some believe that is strips away the importance of nations protecting their own values because it encourages a ‘one world’ view. It can lead to centralization of power, which could results in an easy route for certain groups to gain control on a global basis.

Ivor Delano (Author)