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15 things that creatives do differently from others

We often have the impression that inspiration and ideas are born out of nowhere and disappear when we no longer need it. Creativity is not merely the analysis of the right and left part of the brain, but it is a number of cognitive processes, neural connections and emotions that stimulate our imagination and thus make us creative.

If there are few individuals (or perhaps even one) who have all these characteristics, they will have more developed skills than others. Perhaps life is not just like in SIMS, with a level of completion of every skill that we have to increase ourselves.

They dream

Dreaming is not simply wasting time unnecessarily. It is to let your spirit wander to facilitate the creative incubation process. And yes, we know by experience that our best ideas often come out of nowhere when we have our mind elsewhere.


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They observe everything around them

The creator sees opportunities everywhere, which underlined acute environmental observation.

Any information can become a pretext for creative expression, as Henry James said “nothing is lost to a writer.”

Would stalkers be great creators, then?

They work when they want

Some prefer to work early in the morning, later in the evening. Vladimir Nabokov began writing when he got up at 6 o’clock in the morning. Frank Lloyd Wright used to wake up at 3 or 4 am and work for a few hours before falling asleep. Whatever the moment of the day, very creative individuals often find out what time their minds are in motion, the best they are aware of and try to adapt in a natural way.

They are alone

Being creative also means not to be afraid of loneliness. It is no coincidence that it is often said that artists are solitary people. The context of solitude is often assimilated to the stage in which we dream, but in reality it is very present and the voice with which it is dialogue is within itself.

They are looking for new experiences

Creative people love to exhibit new experiences, feelings, and new moods, just this openness is an important indicator of creativity. It may be intellectual research, sensations, chills, fantasies … shortly Darlin will arrange mega jumps in parachutes from the stratosphere for creators.


They are wrong

Perseverance is the condition for creative success. Before you get to a successful result, creativity goes through various stages that are a sequence of failures. Learning from these mistakes allows you to analyze and improve. So if you have not combined anything in 20 years, maybe it’s the case to abandon.

The right questions arise

Eternal curious, the creative observes, listens, but above all puts the right questions about a certain situation. She wants to know why things are that way and not in another.

They look at people

Marcel Proust spent much of his life watching people and picking up the most obvious notes in his books. Watching your airplane close by while using your smartphone may perhaps give you a brilliant idea that no one had thought so far.

They risk

Bankruptcy comes from being risked. Creativity is the action of producing something out of nothing and this needs to make public the bets we have made in our minds. It’s not a thing for shy. Lost time, a messy reputation, or bad money, come from a wrong creativity.

Every opportunity is good for expression

Nietzsche believed that life and the world should be seen as artworks. Creative people tend to see the world in this way and constantly look for opportunities to express themselves in everyday life. But the creator knows how to choose the right and compelling words, you do not need to talk so much and at random.


They realize their true passion

You will surely already wonder if you enjoy your work.

To motivate, many people say, “I’m good, I’ll be able to do something I do not care much about.”

This is not the case for creatives, because their motivation comes from an inner desire rather than a desire for external or rewarding gratitude. Have you already seen a creative trader?

They have their mind open

Dreaming is also a way to get out of your world of limited thoughts and explore that of others. Reflecting on a question as if it were surreal or unknown, or with the perspective of another person, can stimulate creative thinking.

They play games

Playing games is more important than you could imagine. No matter if it is pay by phone casinos or table games – by playing them you can relax and have some fun. It reduces stress and helps to stay successful.

They surround themselves with beauty

Creators often have good taste, so they naturally want to surround themselves with beauty, have a high sensitivity to artistic beauty.

Combine points

The very principle of creativity is to see the opportunities where there is, a priori, what we call vision. Creativity consists merely of unifying points that no one else had seen before.

Steve Jobs rightly said “Creativity is simply establishing connections between things.”

Ivor Delano (Author)

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